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The RTNDA Reference Guide by Mervin Block

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Need a quick answer to a question-or problem-that pops up while you're writing news?

The answer is: this book.

It's the first specific reference guide for broadcast newswriting. A tool chest for professionals, it's full of tips: tips about words-about writing, about language, about journalism.

Want to refresh your recollection (as they say in court)? Want to strengthen a lead? Tighten your copy? Want to know more about attribution? About question leads? Quotation leads? About using quote and unquote? About writing an obit? A poll? A verdict? A feature? An accident? A disaster? A murder? About broadcast newswriting in general? Questions, questions, questions.

Here are answers, answers, answers. You get clear, simple guidance in this easy-to-use reference book. Just look up the subject in the ample index, and away you go-with the way to go.

Your guide is Mervin Block, who writes "Word Watching" in Communicator, the monthly magazine of the Radio-Television News Directors Association. A former network newswriter, he's the author of two previous books on broadcast newswriting.

ISBN 1-56625-017-X, 264 Pages, cloth,  $22.95

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