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Writing Broadcast News

-Shorter, Sharper, Stronger

"The bible of newswriters...."-Broadcasting

This book often is used as a reference to settle usage disputes in newsrooms. It offers readers a challenge: nine stories to rewrite. Each is followed by a model script, and the author tells why he wrote it the way he did. Hundreds of expert tips and pointers on how to make scripts shorter, sharper, stronger. Tells best ways to write for ear. Illuminates many aspects of writing. Offers new insights for old problems.

ISBN 0-933893-20-5, 231 pages, cloth, $24.95

Rewriting Network News

An expert shows how to improve 345 TV and radio scripts

This book is really three books in one: a collection of network scripts with improvements; a guidebook to writing-and rewriting-news for broadcast; a handbook on usage and abusage.

Smart writers make the most of their mistakes-by learning all they can from them. Rewriting Network News showcases mistakes, network mistakes. These examples, plus corrections and revisions, will show you how to write more effective broadcast copy. Every page contains suggestions that can be put to work by anyone who writes for radio or television, local or network.

ISBN 0-929387-15-5, 220 pages, cloth, $24.95

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